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Important News!

Hi guys! Just to follow up with the news I had for you in the last announcement.

Our current venue, Blue Jay will unfortunately be closing down permanently from the 15th of March. This is due to the debts they have, and while our custom helped them out a huge amount. It just wasn’t enough to save their business, sadly. The staff and management at Blue Jay have personally asked me to pass on their gratitude to each one of you who attended the meets for the support!


Not to worry though guys, from our May meet onwards we will be hosting our meets in the Revolution Bar on Castle Street, it’s a stunning venue that offers an abundance of space and epic facilities for us. We are so excited to show you, we promise the May meet will be extra special to make up for the lack of April (we miss you all so much ❤️)

I don’t doubt that you all will have plenty of questions regarding this move, and we will do our very best to answer them, but as you can imagine, we are still working through the finer details, so we might need to send questions we cannot answer right now onto the venue management. 

Thank you all for reading! We will be publishing more details as soon as we have them for you all.


FTM Chairman

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