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Meet the team!


Our volunteers have the important job of keeping everyone safe and happy at our meets and in our telegram group chat!

Toronto - @LordSukker - Founder of FTM, meet organiser, group chat admin.

Shrapnel Vargr - @ShrapnelVargr - First aider, meet staff, group chat admin.

Conifer - @sera_burr -  Meet staff, group chat admin, Staff welfare

Blue Husky - Events planner, meet staff, group chat moderator

Spirit Angel-wolf - Meet staff

Angie - @Angiefuzzball - Promo artist, meet staff

Dark Blood - @Dark_Night1924 - Meet staff, group chat moderator.

Draig - @Connor_tibbs - Meet staff, group chat moderator

Geraint - Meet supervisor, group chat moderator, Staff welfare

Arkie - Meet staff

Kota - @Kota_Fang - Meet staff, group chat moderator

J - @Hazel_Jackal - Meet staff, AV

Glyn - @LycanDragon - First aider, Graphic design, Meet staff

Sleepy Mark - Meet staff, AV 

King - @kingcrafted0 - Meet staff, AV

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