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Frequently asked questions

How often are your meets held?

Our meets are regularly held once a month, although we will sometimes do bonus meets for Holiday periods such as Christmas, summer, and Halloween. 

Do I need a fursuit to attend?

Nope! Anyone is welcome to attend our meet!

Are the meets free?

Yes! Our regular Geek Retreat meets are 100% free to attend. Our bonus meets may require an admission cost if we were to do an activity such as bowling or ice skating, but this will never be taken by us.

Can I attend if I'm under 18?

Under 18's are welcome to attend our day time meets! Anyone under the age of 16 will need to have a parent/guardian with them. Different age restrictions may be in place for other events we run, such as our evening party.

Do I need to get a ticket?/Capacity issues.

Nope! Just turn up. We often end up reaching our venue's max capacity at our peak times of between 12-3 PM. We recommend arriving at our starting time of 11 to avoid disappointment. We unfortunately have to be strict with how many we allow inside during peak times due to our daytime venue being underground; This means strict regulations for us to comply with fire safety requirements as well as oxygen supply levels. We understand it can be frustrating, but trust us when we say we're doing our best to work through these issues.

What if I don't want to attend the evening party?

Partying is of course optional! Anyone who would rather chill out is welcome to stay at Geek Retreat instead. Just be advised that the FTM staff will be moving over to our evening venue past 5 PM. 

Can I attend as a journalist?

While we would love to support you with your projects, the safety and privacy of our attendees comes first. For this reason, we will not be permitting any journalists to attend our meet. Anyone caught attending for this reason without our knowledge will be asked to leave. 

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