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Frequently asked questions

How often are your meets held?

Our meets are regularly held once a month, although we will sometimes do bonus meets for Holiday periods such as Christmas, summer, and Halloween. 

Do I need a fursuit to attend?

Nope! Anyone is welcome to attend our meet!

Are the meets free?

Yes! Our regular meets are 100% free to attend. Our bonus meets may require an admission cost if we were to do an out of meet activity.

Do I need to get a ticket?

Nope! Just turn up anytime!

Can I attend as a journalist?

While we would love to support you with your projects, the safety and privacy of our attendees comes first. For this reason, we will not be permitting any journalists to attend our meet. Anyone caught attending for this reason without our knowledge will be asked to leave. 

Can I attend if I'm under 18?

Under 18's are welcome to attend our meets! Children 16 and under are welcome at our venue up from 12pm until 7pm, however, the upstairs area will be restricted to ages 13+ only.

Why can’t my child go upstairs?

The reason for this restriction is because this is the area where we feel accidents are most likely to happen. Our fursuiting attendees have restricted vision, meaning your child is at risk of getting accidentally kicked or pushed over should they not be seen. We also have fragile and expensive equipment upstairs that the FTM team would be liable for should it get damaged.

How can I prove my child’s age to access this area?

To avoid disappointment on the day please bring an ID/Proof of age document for your child with you (photos of ID are fine too). If you are unable to prove your child’s age, they will be refused entry upstairs.

What kind of ID/proof of age do you accept?

Here is a list of ID/proof of age types we will accept: (photographs of these documents are fine)

  • Passport

  • Birth certificate 

  • Citizen card

  • School/college ID

  • YOTI 

  • Post office PASS card

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