We want our meets to be a safe and fun environment for everyone, for this reason, we ask our attendees to follow these rules during their time with us.

  • No outside food or drink can be brought in - lactose free milk is an exception to this rule. Water is available at the bar free of charge. Specialist allergy requirements can also be discussed with the staff at the venue.

  • Under 16's will need to have an adult accompanying them.

  • Explicit topics and images are not to be discussed or shared during our meets.

  • Please be courteous when using the fursuit changing area. Do not leave any items in there.


If an attendee breaks one of our rules during a meet they will be issued with a verbal warning. Repeat offenders risk being permanently banned.

Serious offences such as: physical, verbal, or sexual harassment will result in an instant permanent ban and possible legal action.

Any items/fursuits brought to our meets are brought at the attendees own risk. We are not responsible for loss or damage to property.