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We want our meets to be a safe and fun environment for everyone, for this reason, we ask our attendees to follow these rules during their time with us.

  • Respect the venue and staff at the meet, we are all there to have a fun time. 


  • Keep the venue tidy.

  • Do not tamper with the venue's equipment

  • Do not block fire exits/entry points in the venue.

  • Do not wear any leashes, harnesses, pup hoods, or any other NSFW gear.

    • (Collars are allowed)

  • The possession, use, or sale of illicit substances is forbidden. Offenders can expect the police to be notified.

  • Behave in a manner appropriate for a public environment. Please remember that our meets and the venue itself are family-friendly.

  • Do not share any NSFW topics or art with other members of the meet. (please remember that we frequently welcome under 18's to our meets)

  • Do not bring weapons (this includes realistic replicas) or restraints onto the premises.

  • Be mindful of your items at all times. Items such as cables and bags left out can cause a tripping hazard.

  • No non-suiters in the fursuit changing area unless you are helping a fursuiter, this grants the space needed for fursuiters to get changed and gives them privacy. When you are finished changing please refrain from hanging around to chat.

    • Do not film or take photos in the fursuit changing area.

  • During the meets, we will have a special table for the sole purpose of storing fursuits on. Please do not put any food or drink on this table. 

  • Do not touch other people's property without their permission.

  • Do not consume any outside food on the premises 

  • Everyone has the right to enjoy the meet, if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, upset, or offending you, seek a member of staff (meet or venue) and we will deal with the situation.


  • REMEMBER, NO means NO, and Go Away means GO AWAY 

    • If you have a problem or dispute with an attendee, please contact us


If an attendee breaks one of our rules during a meet they will be issued with a verbal warning. Repeat offenders risk being permanently banned.

Serious offences such as: physical, verbal, or sexual harassment will result in an instant permanent ban and possible legal action.

Any items/fursuits brought to our meets are brought at the attendees own risk. We are not responsible for loss or damage to property.

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