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Minor strikes - AKA - Verbal warnings.

Meets: Minor strikes only apply to the respective meets they're given in. If someone gets 3 strikes during a meet, you may ask them to leave. Examples of what constitutes a minor strike:

  • Inappropriate conversations (NSFW, Fetish talk,"lizard dicks")

  • Bringing inappropriate items to meets (replica weapons, fetish gear)

  • Bringing outside food in (little things are fine, but when they start taking the piss)

  • Leaving (obstructive) items in the fursuit changing area.

  • Putting food and drinks on the fursuit table.

Chat: Private message the person in question to let them know of their verbal warning(s). Minor strikes will last for 1 month in the chat. After 3 strikes, a person will receive a month-long ban + 1 month for any ban they get after their first. 

Major incidents: You can ask someone to leave immediately/kick or mute them from the chat. Depending on how severe, the person can receive a ban of a month up to indefinitely.

Examples of unacceptable behavior

  • Bullying.

  • Harassment of any kind.

  • Damaging/manhandling other people's property.

  • Sharing absolutely horrific content with others (Extreme fetishes, gore)

Please use the button above to be taken to the Strike-log document. Here you can make a note of any Strikes/Incidents that have arisen. Please be sure to fill out all the boxes so everyone can be kept in the loop.

P.S Please remember that it's not a strike unless you've given a verbal/written warning.

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